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The internet site
for Hector

hector Jean-Baptiste le Pasant
The only french T2 site on the web ? (also available in english) Visit his nice map of all westfalia owners, and register also if you like. Hector is made in ´76.
Volkswagen Westfalia 1976.
pascal´s bus Pascal the brother of Jean-Baptiste
My brother Pascal is, the happy owner of a '76 yellow (mango) westfalia. A real westfalia with pop-top! He is actually looking for a name for his van. If you have suggestion, don't miss to write him. His page is only available in french.
jp Jean-François Rochefort
Erménégilde `75 is the biggest friend of Hector.
Scott´s wayback

scott Scott Allred
Take a look to his external oil cooler and filter, there is no way back made in ´71.
The samimobile
samimobiel Sami Dakhlia
When his time will permit, He'll post more info on cost and installation of those solar panels.I´m looking forward to it Sami !
gretchen Mark White
His page shows some of her restoration. Notice that it takes TWO cops to stop ONE VW! Made in ´74.
Pictures of panobusses
jens Jens Zeemans
The Netherlands
Pictures of his friend vincent ´77 bus, and other bus pics.
Todd´s VW bus page
todds Todd Schroeder
"Volkswagen buyers are a special group. When you buy a Volkswagen, you don't just get a car; you also acquire a lot of friends - other Volkswagen owners." Taken from his: selected words of Volkswagen wisdom.
Chapp´s station wagon
information page

john´s bus John Chapdelaine
U.S.A. state ?
´71 Bessie is not for sale, you can still read the newspaper flash.
1972 Westfalia
Tim Watson.
I took a ride down there and saw this 72 Westy. It had minor rust, but looked solid and had all the camper parts. Though it is still missing one BIG thing, an engine.
Jimbo's BUS page!
jimbobus James Peard.
There she is, my Westy in all her pre-restoration glory! "The Falcon" a early 1977 model. Owner II - Family Guy w/ two kids & dog beat the hell out of it for 12 yrs in public campgrounds. Also removed kitchen water tank for cupboard space (*&%#@!!) .Owner V My first born child circa 2022.
Hi everybody, this is my VW Transporter 2.
vincent Vincent Molenaar
The Netherlands
If you need parts, I got some extra's (sorry, only in Dutch). Volkswagen Transporter option codes, can you help me to find out what they mean ?
Glen's Home Page
glen´s bus Glen Buhlman
These are a few pictures of Lief (our '77 VW Westfalia) as well as some interesting VW-related WWW links. If you have a VW-ish page on the net, drop me a line and I'll put your link here.
Holiday pictures of Portugal
Jan´s bus Jan Tempelman
The Netherlands
Here are the photo's of our 25 year old VW bus (1972) , standing in different landscapes during the trip to Portugal in July/aug 1997.
Orange & White, Gunter.
daniel´s bus Daniel Axel Simmons
My bus has a name, "Gunter", after the German gentleman that I bought it from. It had approx. 38,000 miles on it when it met me in 1993, as Gunter lives in Germany and visits Seattle once a year or so for some kyaking.
Links to my other air cooled VW's
stephen´s bus Stephen Gutknecht
Renton Washington
You find 3 buses on his VW home page. a 1970, 1969 and a 1979 of . This is the story of Stephen's 1970 Type2 VW Bus Westfalia:
The Amescador
sien.jpg Jens Zeemans
The Netherlands.
On this page, you can find some info on Sientje, the Amescador my father bought. What's an 1975 Amescador? Well, that is a camper-conversion based on a VW Bus.
That great green bus
greenbus.gif Bob Lantz
(8.25.97) OK I have now started work on the bus. I have removed the engine, cleaned out the engine compartment, removed the drive axles. (need some new boots and will repack the cvjs) and found a new clutch.
peter.gif Peter Pehrsson
This page is about my VW Westfalia Camper. Its a 1974 T2 model, 1600 cc engine (replaced). Other options: central-lock, front seat from Toyota Starlet (very comfortable), burglar and gas alarm, Westfalia roof with spare bed.
donci Adorjan Zsolt
Dönci and a red-white Brother. (Dönci in English: ~Eddie.) The best car of all Times: The VW Beetle. The Transporter is a Beetle too, but bigger.
VW camper V6
V 6 Camper David
This home page describes some of the mechanical modifications done to my 1972 VW Camper. There's information on the Buick V-6, recently removed to make space for the current project of swapping in a 4.3 L V-6.
urge Chris Pielak
Mostly under construction but a nice page.
Juha Jula
This is a start of his brand new home page !
Mike's VW Bus Page
mike71.jpg Mike
A 1971 and a 1969 westy. A lot of images on his page and other busses he has owned.
gerlinde Gerlinde Habekotté
The Netherlands
I loved VW busses when I was young, our neighbour had two of them. He used them for his work. One was mostly very old and used. The other was the "new" bus for himself as boss. He had building firm, so the busses had to carry tools, sand, wood and so on.
Our 1979 Westfalia
collie s bus Collie
I saw her first at the Great Canadian Bug Show in 1997. She was up 'For Sale' because the owner was moving to the West. I bought her and she has been a wonderful addition to our home.
VW T2 b Camper Westfalia 1979
volkswagen keys Arjen Overbeek
The Netherlands
kentekennummer: DY-85-NP bouwjaar 1979, leverdatum 1980 kleur: oranje apk t/m maart 1999 voor heel 1998 wegenbelasting betaald (camper-kenteken !) 1600cc benzinemotor hefdak, t.b.v sta-ruimte in keuken, en veel bergruimte gloednieuwe luifel en 4-persoons voortent gaskachel-verwarming.
De skoebus
skoebus Bart verlaat
The Netherlands
As you can see I love VW busses. The bus I own is called "Skoebus", which is a combination between the dutch words "Ska, Koe and Bus". That is the reason why the bus has "Ska" blocks and "Koe" spots.
Onze Volkswagenbus
inside Gerard Poels
The Netherlands
Bouwjaar: 1979
Motorinhoud: 2 liter
This page is updated soon
De Groene
erwtje.gif Joop Smulders
The Netherlands
Bouwjaar: 1977
Motorinhoud: 1600cc
F & J´s V W world

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