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This was our camper bus made in 1974, we drove about 15,000 miles through Europe without a lot of trouble. When we bought this bus we didn´t know that there were so many volkswagen freaks around. Now we have the virus too. That´s why I made this web page. De official name is T2, but everyone has his own name. Our family name is "bussie". I would like to try to collect all aircooled names. T1, T2, T2a, and T3 are the factory names they are a bit boring !! In the VW name page I collect the names I found so far. Help me to find more! Please send me a email, with your own bus name, any comment or suggestions are welcome as well.

History of "bussie"

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France spring ´94
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Corsica summer ´95
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Crossing the 5 Abril bridge in Lissabon summer ´96
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Waiting in Genua with a German splitty for the ferry to corsica
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Corsica the wonderful westcoast, yes we do carry the bikes always on the back of the bus
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